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One 3-dimensional configuration of a 4000-link polyethylene chain molecule. Its ends are joined by the straight dashed line. The molecule touches each inside face of the box.

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Introduction:  Clarifications
Chapter 1: The Rubberlike State
Chapter 2: The Macroscopic Continuum
Chapter 3: Thermodynamics
Chapter 4: Statistical Mechanics
Chapter 5: The Gaussian Network Theory
Chapter 6: Network Theory Deductions
Chapter 7: Comparison with Experiment
Appendix B: Born's version of the 1st Law
Appendix C: The Central Limit Theorem
Appendix L: Comments on the literature
Appendix Q: Coherent network algebra
Appendix T: Tensor type summary
Appendix W: Ideal gas: moving walls and paddles
Solutions to Problems
Author Index
Subject Index
List of Figures and  Tables