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Review by Prof. De Kee
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Review 1
In this monograph, which can be considered as an extension of his earlier work Elastic Liquids (1964), Professor Lodge provides us with a critical, concise account of a molecular theory of condensed phase macroscopic behavior…….
Very useful exercises are dispersed throughout.  Solutions to these problems as well as further comments on the literature can be found in the appendices.
This work is relatively free of typographical errors and makes for a nice complement to an introductory rheology course which typically would deal only with topics such as generalized Newtonian fluids, rheometry and (mainly) linear viscoelasticity.  This attractively priced monograph could also, quite nicely, be used in the context of an independent study course for students pursuing graduate work in rheology.
I enjoyed reading this presentation and plan to work it into the more advanced rheology course taken by Ph.D. candidates at Tulane.

             Rheology Bulletin, October 2000

Daniel De Kee      
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Tulane University

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