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Arthur S. Lodge
Curriculum Vitae   |   For Sale: Elastomer Theory   |   The Editor Regrets...   |   Science & Religion: Common Features   |   The First Published Experiment   |   Science & Religion: Features, not in Common   |   Types of Scientific Experiment   |   Evolution   |   Global Warming   |   For Sale: Elastic Liquids   |   For Sale: Body Tensor Fields in Continuum Mechanics   |   The Lodge Stressmeter   |   The Educational Opportunity Bank   |   Compost Temperatures   |   Pressure Difference Measurement   |   A. S. Lodge: Reports & Publications   |   Viscosity Measrement at Very High Shear Rates   |   Zero Recoil: a Polymeric Tube Model Disaster  |   Science & Religion: Common Features   |   "Unlikely Events" Fallacies: | Do Highly Improbable Events Ever Happen?  |  Censorship  | Scientific Theory Testing  |  Censorship  |No Reply  |   Viscosity Measrement at Very High Shear Rates
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Last updated June 11, 2005