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Curriculum Vitae
1941-48   Oxford University  (B.A., Math.; D.Phil., theoretical nuclear physics); experimental work in radar with the             Admiralty at the Clarendon Laboratory

1945-46   Theoretical physics, Atomic Energy, National Research Council (Montreal)

1948-60   Rheology at the British Rayon Research Association, Manchester, UK (initially with Karl Weissenberg)

1961-68   Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology

1965        Fellow of the Institute of Physics, London (UK)

1965-66   Visiting Professor in Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin

1968-91   Professor of Rheology, Department of Engineering Mechanics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1969-91   Chairman, Rheology Research Center Executive Committee, University of Wisconsin

1970-       Editorial Board member,  Rheologica Acta

1971        Bingham Medal, The Society of Rheology

1973-84   Member of Working Party on "Structure & Properties of Commercial Polymers",  IUPAC Macromolecular Division

1975        Visiting Professor (summer), University of Stuttgart Institute of Plastics Technology

1980        Byron Bird Award, College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1981        "Citation Classics" featured "Elastic Liquids"  

1981        Formed the Bannatek Company, Inc., to manufacture Stressmeters

1983        Gold Medal, British Society of Rheology

1991        June 30, retired from the University of Wisconsin

1991, I     Olaf Hougen Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1992        Elected to membership, National Academy of Engineering

Books published:
       1964  Elastic Liquids (English edition) (For sale)
       1969     "       "    (Russian edition)
       1975     "       "    (Japanese edition)
       1985  Edited "Viscoelasticity and Rheology" with M. Renardy & J. A. Nohel