The Neo-Darwinian Theory is more an article of faith than a testable, falsifiable, scientific theory.
"Some things have to be believed to be seen" - Ralph Hodgson

To the man in the street, the word "evolution" involves generation of new characters (as in A evolves into B, where A and B are different). To the geneticist, "evolution" means change in gene fequencies in populations: new characters may or may not be involved. Peppered moth studies over the last 150 years do not involve evolution in the first sense because light and dark moths have been present throughout. To call industrial melanism "Evolution in Action" is, therefore, misleading.
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I strongly recommend the book Evolution under the Microscope by David Swift (Leighton Academic Press, Stirling University Innovation Park, UK,2002; ISBN 0 9543580 0 2) which makes the following points:-
1. Biological macromolecules are too complicated to have arisen by the NDT mechanisms (chance mutations + natural selection).
2. Most of the fossil record is incompatible with the NDT assumption of a common ancestor.
3. Parts of the fossil record (notably the evolution of the horse) can be explained by the NDT mechanisms (such as gene segregation and natural selection) operating on extensively varied genetic material present from the start.
4. New variations have arisen solely from the shuffling of the available genetic material, not from the production of new material.