The Skeptical Environmentalist
by Bjorn Lomborg
Cambridge University Press 2001

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Global Warming

Subject: Greenhouse effect

I have read your book (The Skeptical Environmentalist) with great interest. I have one question:

According to Tony Scott at,

"Water vapour is the most important greenhouse gas: it absorbs about five times more terrestrial radiation than all the other gases combined." (p.4)

If this is so, can you be sure about the relatively small effect of that part of carbon dioxide which is due to human activity?


Arthur S. Lodge


1.  "The Manic Sun: Weather Theories Confounded"

by Nigel Calder.  (Pilkington Press, London, UK. 1997)

An extensive discussion, including revelations about the IPCC's deliberations.

2.  "Variation of Cosmic Ray Flux and Global Cloud Coverage - a Missing Link in Solar-Climate Relationships"   

by Henrik Svensmark and Eigil Friis Christensen   

 in  J. Atmospheric & Solar-Terrestrial Physics 59 (11) 1225-1232 (1997)

3. "Global Warming - the Origin and Nature of the Alleged Scientific Consensus"

by Ruchard S. Lindzen

in Regulation (Spring, 1992) 87-98.

A devastating account of IPCC and other bodies' treatment. This paper may be read at and downloaded from

On October 30, 2003, the Wall Street Journal published ab article by Senator John McCain urging Congress to take action on global warming. My reply summarizing our state of ignorance has not been published.