This was submitted to the Wisconsin State Journal on Januray 12, 2005, following their publication of a main article on evolution. My letter has not been published.
It was subsequently submitted to the Wall Street Journal but not published.
"all living phenomena originated and evolved by natural selection." Edward O. Wilson, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. vol.102, suppl.1, May 3, 2005, p. 6520.
I wrote an email to Prof. Wilson pointing out difficulties with this view. I have not yet received a reply.
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Natural Selection
The Perceptive Parrot - an Evolutionary Epic

On the banks of the Zambesi
Life is never very easy.
    The tsetse is but one fly in the ointment.

If you're hoping for a smile
From the nearest crocodile,
    You probably are doomed to disappointment.

Long John Silver once passed by,
Reason gleaming in one eye.
     For Darwin, he had quite a predilection:

"There's one problem I can't solve:
How did crocodiles evolve?"
    His parrot said, "By natural selection*.

From some molecules in strife,
Came the origin of life,"
    The parrot said, "by natural selection.

Though mutations seem far out,
They acquire colossal clout,"
    The parrot said, "with natural selection.

If you start with an amoeba,
You can reach the Queen of Sheba,"
    The parrot said, "by natural selection.

Thus, for all that has evolved,
Every problem has been solved,"
    The parrot said, "by natural selection."