Updated June 11, 2005
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Crow & Swift: the Neo-Darwinian Theory Range of Applicablity
A discussion between Professor James F. Crow and Dr David W. Swift

EUTM = Evolution Under the Microsope by David W. Swift, Leighton Academic Press, Stirling, UK (2002).

List of topics   (each topic will have its own page)

2. The fossil record

3. Common ancestry
(a) (traditional) morphological homology
(b) common basic biochemistry
(c) common developmental mechanisms
(d) non-comparable development mechanisms for so-called homologous organs

 4. Origin of substantially new genes (macroevolution)

5.  Microevolution

i.e. evolution that is due to shuffling and/or segregating existing genes (and allowing for minor changes in them, such as developing resistance to pesticides)

6.  Falsifiability

7.  Open Questions